Download Facebook Android APK

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Facebook is one of the most famous social networking websites all around the world. Over the past few years, it has made its way to become the best application for the purpose of social communication, and is used by billions of people worldwide. Facebook Android APK is the official application launched by Facebook in order to enable the android users to get the best experience right on their mobile phones. Yes, before the introduction of this application, people had to access this website on their phone using a browser. However, now there is no need to do that because this application provides you will all the facilities which you need for social networking. You can connect with your friends, like and share their posts, comment on statuses, share pictures and perform a lot of other actions using this amazing application. So download this APK as soon as you can so you do not waste any further moment without this breath-taking application.

Let us explore other features which this APK has to offer us and see how useful can those features be for us.

Download Facebook Android APK

Connect with your friends

Using this APK, you can connect with your friends quiet easily. In order to be friends with someone, you need to send that person a friend request. Once that friend request has been accepted, you can then connect with that person. You can see the wall of your friends in order to see what information they have shared. This helps you get updated with their lives. You can also comment on the statuses set by your friends. In addition to this, if you like any status, you can also share it with other people in your friend list. All of the things which your friends post will appear in your newsfeed in this application. Newsfeed is the region in this app where all the latest updates come so that you can view them at any time.

Share photos and videos

The interactive interface of this amazing app allows you to share your videos and pictures easily on this application. All you need to do is to select the pictures which you need to share and then upload them using this application. All of the people in your friend list can see these pictures and comment on them as well. Similarly, you can also view the pictures shared by your friends. You will also have to set up your own profile picture once you start using this application. You will be glad to know that this application provides a built-in editing feature which you can use in order to edit and crop your pictures before uploading them.

Set privacy

Facebook Android app sets great on the privacy of its users. This is the reason why you can set privacy on any of the things which you upload. You can set this privacy to ensure that only your friends are able to see the posts which you upload. In certain cases, you can also ensure that only a group of people in your friend list are able to see a particular post. There are a lot of other privacy settings in this app which you can set by editing the privacy settings.

Get notifications

One of the most amazing features offered by Facebook application is that it notifies you of any updates in your profile. Of course, you can control which notifications you want to receive. However, this app provides you the chance to get notified about even the slightest change in your profile. For example, if someone likes your picture, sends you a message or even shares your post, you will be immediately notified. However, it is important that your phone is connected to a Wi-Fi at all times in order to get timely notifications.

Create groups and pages

You have got the perfect opportunity to create groups and pages using this application. These pages help you in publicizing for a brand or product. You can also create a page simply for fun and invite your friends to like it. Moreover, you can also like various pages on this application. Once you have liked a page, all of the regular updates regarding it will appear in your newsfeed. So install this APK in your device with waiting any further to get access to these features.

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