Download Evernote Android APK

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Evernote Android APK is the perfect way to organize your life and get all of your important jobs done. With Evernote, you can now link various devices in order to ensure that your notes are updated. How often do you think that you need an application which could organize your life, work and all the important jobs within the blink of an eye? Well, now your search is over. With millions of users worldwide, this application has made its way to become one of the best applications in the world for organizing and managing work-related content. The amazing features inculcated in this application help you easily access your important documents and search anything you want. You can now also manage your projects using this app and plan the whole course of your project. Most importantly, you can communicate with people using this app who are working on similar projects, and save all the changes which are made. This means that this app could also act as a source of verification for your projects. There are a variety of features which this APK entails for you. Let us get a deep insight into these fantastic features.

Write and Organize

There is a lot of storage available for you to write notes to yourself. You can also write notes to your colleagues and notify them of something important. You can also make checklists in order to remind yourself of any work to do. In fact, you can also set voice alarms in order to notify you of any important meetings or work. In addition to this, you are also able to attach documents to your notes including text documents, pictures or even PDFs. This means that your notes could be pretty interesting as well as self-explanatory. These notes also ensure that you are able to easily explain your point with the help of pictures. Moreover, you also have the amazing chance to search for text or phrases in any of your notes or pictures. This is helpful in case you have forgot the name of a particular note but you remember some of the text which was written in it. The complex algorithms used in this application ensure that you are returned with your search in a matter of seconds. What else could anyone possible want?

Download Evernote Android APK

Discuss and connect

There is a built-in instant messaging service in this APK, which provides you a chance to connect with your colleagues in order to complete your work. You can leave them messages in order to notify them of any changes or important incidents. However, keep in mind that the other person much also use Evernote in order to connect with you. You can even share complete notebooks for team projects. This can be done creating a team on this application. The members of this team can then share information with each other easily. You can also create meeting notifications and notify every one of the meeting using this application.

Link all of your devices

One of the best features about Evernote Android APK is that it does not restrict you to any device. In fact, it links all of your information from different devices. All you need to do is to log in to your account on all of your devices, and they will surely remain linked after that. This has the advantage that you do not have to update every device of yours individually. No matter which device you are using at the moment, all of your activities will remain and you will get the notifications on every device. This also has the benefit that in case one of your device gets broken, your information will still be safe online and your progress will not be lost.

Annotate PDF documents

PDF documents have become quite famous nowadays. This is because of the amazing features which they bring along with it. Evernote realizes the significance of such documents and provides you a chance to edit and annotate them. You can highlight the required information on these documents using this APK. You can also add comments or annotations in order to explain certain pieces of text in these documents. Most importantly, you can then share these annotate documents with you colleagues easily.

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