Download ES File Explorer Android APK

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If you are a regular Android user, you will be familiar with the fact that most smartphone do not provide you the chance to get access to some of the system features and folders. This can be pretty annoying sometimes because there are a lot of folders in your phone which you need to customize and get access to. In order to eliminate this issue and provide you with an amazing method for exploring your phone, ES File Explorer Android APK has come into existence. This application is a complete file explorer which will get you access to all the files in your phone. Its amazing interface has made it possible for even beginners to explore their phones with ease and get access to all the files they want. You can now easily make amendments to folders and arrange them in your phone with ease. Can this get any better? Let us dig further into the features of this APK in order to see what they have got for us.

Download ES File Explorer Android APK

Multimedia explorer

You can now easily explore multimedia on your device with the help of this application. Some of the default photo and video explorers in most devices are not good enough and do not provide you with all the features which you want. In order to eliminate this issue, ES file explorer is ready to provide you with an amazing built-in multimedia explorer which will allow you to get access to all the pictures and videos in your device. Have you ever come across the problem where your device is not able to play a particular video or open a picture? This is probably due to the format of your files. However, the multimedia explorer in this application can open a lot of files of different formats, so you do not have to bear that problem again! Moreover, you can also create individual folders for pictures and videos and arrange them as you like. In fact, you can also share these pics on social media with ease.

Cloud storage

Nowadays, cloud storage has become an extremely essential part of how people store their information. This is the reason why there is a cloud storage facility built into this application. By using this feature, the application links your pictures, videos and files to online cloud storage applications, where you can simply upload your files. This has the advantage that even if you lose those files on your device, they will be available online. Moreover, you do not need to worry about the memory of your device, since online cloud storage will not take up memory on your device.

Task killer and Cache cleaner

Considering the great amount of features which this application has to offer you, one cannot simply call it a file explorer; it is much more than that. There is a feature in this application which allows you to free up RAM space. This is done by killing all the irrelevant applications which are running in the background. Moreover, the app can also clean all the unused and wasted files on your device in order to make sure that memory is freed up. This surely helps in increasing the speed of your device and prevents it from lagging anymore.

Text editors and viewers

You will be amazed to know that this amazing application has a built-in text editor, which allows you to edit and open text files with ease. This app supported a variety of text formats which enables you to open any text file you want. Moreover, once you have edited the files, you can directly upload them to the cloud or send them to any other person through email or Bluetooth. The number of amazing features offered by ES File Explorer Android APK are simply countless.

Built-in RAR and ZIP support

Nowadays, most of the information is shared in ZIP and RAR files. These files compress the information so they can be easily transferred over the internet. However, most Android APKs do not have a built-in program which can actually open these files. This explorer makes life easy for you by providing you with this amazing feature for opening ZIP and RAR files. So download this APK right away and enjoy the features of this application.

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