Download Dropbox Android APK

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Are you one of those people who are fed up of the fact that their phone memory gets full again and again due to the pictures and documents in them? Are you one of those people who had to lose all of their valuable pictures and documents just because their phone had a problem? Well, then you are surely at the perfect place at this moment. Dropbox Android APK is a revolutionizing app which has made cloud storage much simpler. Now you do not have to store any information on your device, since Dropbox is giving you free cloud storage which you can consume in order to upload your files! Yes, now this application, when installed on your device, will automatically backup all the pictures, videos and documents to your online Dropbox account. Once these things have been uploaded, you can easily access them on any device by logging into your Dropbox account at any time! What can possibly be more amazing than that? This not only saves the storage on your device, but also enables you to protect your valuable data forever. Rest assured that once you have uploaded your pictures and documents on this cloud service, no one except you will be able to access them. Let us have a further look at the features which this amazing APK tends to offer you in order to enrich your experience.

Download Dropbox Android APK

Edit Microsoft office files from your device

This application entails an amazing feature which allows you to edit the Microsoft office files on your device. This means that you can now create and edit text documents in Microsoft office format, and use them anywhere on your PC or another device. This means that you can create text documents, excel sheets etc. on your device and upload it on the cloud right away. This also ensures that all of your documents remain safe and are still present on the cloud even if they are deleted from the device. If you are really inspired by Dropbox Android APK, then wait no further and download it right away.

Back up Photos and Videos automatically

This APK provides you an amazing chance to back up all of your photos and videos online. All you need to do is to enable the option on your device which allows this app to automatically upload all of your pictures and videos. However, you should also keep in mind that you can reduce the size of your pictures while uploading them. This is importance since original picture take up comparatively large amount of space. However, if you wish to retain the size of your pictures, then you should purchase some extra storage so that all of your pictures are uploaded. Moreover, you should also enable the option which allows you to upload your pictures and videos only when connect to Wi-Fi. This is done to ensure that your phone does not keep on uploaded pictures on mobile data and cost you a considerable amount of money. Once your pictures have been uploaded, you can also share them with other people. You can download them on any other device by logging into your own account. By now, you must be amazed at the number of features which this application is ready to offer you. However, you will actually need to download this APK in order to get a real insight into how amazing this app is.

Share large files with friends

Everyone knows that it is not possible to share or send large files to anyone through email. This is because most of the email applications impose a limit on the size of document or pictures which you can send. However, this is not the case with this application. You can share as much large file as you want. All you need to do is to upload that file on this application and then send the link for that file to your friends with whom you wish to share the file. You can also set restriction on the file in order to ensure that only the people whom you want could see this file and it becomes invisible to all others. Can there be anything more awesome than this? Surely not.

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