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Are you also one of those people whose phone has become quite slow and gets stuck a lot? Well, then do not worry as you are not the only one. There are a lot of processes in your phone going on without your consent, due to which it might get slow. Furthermore, you might now know but there must be a lot of junk files accumulated in your device which have consumed a lot of memory which you cannot use otherwise. However, the good news is that now you can get rid of all of these issues within a matter of minutes. Clean Master Android APK has come to your rescue and tends to provide you with an amazing set of features which will ensure that your smartphone does not go through any similar problem in the future. Once you download this APK on your device, it will automatically figure out all the issues and notify you with what is the best action to take in that particular scenario. So, are you ready to get rid of all of these issues? Well, then let us have a good look at the features of this application in order to gauge that what it entails for you.

Lock your applications

This application provides you are chance to lock your applications on the phone. It is understandable that people might open various folders or applications in your phone which are private for you. In order to avoid this situation, this application provides you a chance to set up locks on a number of applications. So now you can lock your Facebook, Twitter, pictures or any other application which you think is private. Moreover, you can also change the lock whenever you want. There are also a number of features from which you can decide which type of lock you wish to implement on your phone.

Download Clean Master APK Android

Clean Junk files

Most of the trouble created in your device is due to junk files. These junk files are either viruses or unused files which have accumulated in your device and are taking up a lot of storage. In order to get rid of these junk files, you need to run the clean master and simply instruct it to delete all the junk files. The application also provides you the list of junk files which it is going to delete. So, if you figure out that there is any file which is valuable to you or which you wish to keep, then you can surely keep it. Moreover, the APK also gives your suggestions to delete other files in your device which you might not have used since a long time.

Remove duplicate photos

It cannot be argued that all of us like to take a lot photos. In fact, nowadays people are taking selfies all the time. This, however, means that our phones are filled with a lot of irrelevant pictures which we do not even need. In order to help you save memory, this application provides you suggestions regarding all the similar looking pictures on your device. Upon your permission, the app then simply deletes those duplicate copies of photos in order to make sure that memory is freed. You can the utilize this memory for a better purpose. This is surely one of the best and most distinguishing features offered by Clean Master Android APK.

Memory Boost

All of the currently running applications are stored in the RAM of the device. This means that if your device is getting stuck a lot, it is probably because a lot of applications are open. In order to free up RAM memory, this application provides you a chance to boost your device using the boost feature. You can choose from the list of running applications the ones you wish to keep and the ones which you want to close. Once you close all the irrelevant applications, you phone will surely start working faster! In addition to this, there is also a feature in this application which allows you to decide which applications should auto-start. This is essential since most of the irrelevant applications start automatically, and you need to make sure that they don’t.

So, if you think that this application will bring a change to your device, then download its APK right away.

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