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Nowadays people are using the mobile phone camera all the time in order to take picture. Selfies have become quite common. People are sharing their memorable moments on social networking websites in the form of pictures and short videos. However, people require good picture capturing and editing applications in order to make sure that their picture are perfect. This has surely risen the demand for good photo editing applications. Well, this is where Camera 360 Android APK comes into being. It is one of the best photo editing applications which tends to provide you loads of features in order add a touch of perfection to your pictures. If you are really a fan of taking pictures, then you will definitely have fun using this application. This APK file comes with a wide variety of features so you can add filters to your pictures, edit and crop your photos, edit the minor details of your picture or perform any other action in order to make it more perfect than ever. So, what are you waiting for? Simply download this APK right away and get the amazing function which it has to offer.

Let us have a deep insight into the main features which are being offered by Camera 360.

Download Camera 360 APK

Over 200 free filters

How many filters do you think you could apply on your picture? Surely, not much. However, you will be amazed to know that this editing application is willing to offer you over 200 free filters for your picture. You can apply each and every filter and check which one suits your picture the best. The biggest advantage of applying a filter is that you do not actually need to edit you pictures by individually looking at every single feature. You can simply apply the filter and your job will be done. What can be more awesome than that?

Extensive editing options

You will be glad to know that there are loads of editing features which this application tends to offer you. These options are generally for professional photo editors. However, the simple interface of this application makes it easy for any person to edit the pictures. You can edit the following features using this APK:

  • You can adjust the brightness of your picture. You can increase it if your picture is quite dull and you can decrease it if your picture is quite bright.
  • You can also adjust the contrast of your picture.
  • You can crop your picture in order to change its size and filter out irrelevant parts from your picture.
  • You can also adjust the colors of you picture until you are satisfied with the final appearance.

Over 10 different camera modes

Camera 360 Android app tends to offer you over 10 different camera modes. You can choose the relevant mode while taking a picture. This ensures that the camera known what kind of picture you are going to take so that it can adjust the orientation and other features according to it. Following are the different modes which are being offered by this application:

  • Selfie camera
  • Effect mode
  • Poster mode
  • Funny mode
  • Tilt-shift mode
  • Audio camera
  • Video camera

You should study each of these modes in detail so you know exactly which mode to use in which situation. Once you are comfortable with these camera modes, rest assured that you will be able to take some amazing and fantastic pictures.

Cloud storage

Everyone knows that pictures take up a lot of space on your device. However, you will be simply amazed to know that this application offers you free cloud storage in order to save your pictures. Yes, now you do not need to stack up pictures in your device, since you can simply upload them on the cloud storage offered by this device. The best part about this feature is that you can access your photos from any device by installing this application and then logging into it using your account. Editing and saving pictures was not this simple. However, this application has surely made the life of many people much easy.

If you are also one of the amazing fans of this application, then download this APK and install this application on your device and enjoy the features offered by it.

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