Download Block! Hexa Puzzle For PC/Block HexaPpuzzle On PC

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Hey Guys! A new game is here for you. If you are big fan and lover of colors, effects and lovely sound play a new game on your pc. Block! Hexa puzzle for pc. It is new exciting, tons of new stages and levels are here. Every stage is excited and lot of energy in it. This is the latest version of block! Hexa puzzle on pc. This game is created by most popular game creator BitMango. The creator of block! Hexa puzzle is already create roll the ball. The game is the most popular among each age group.

Block! Hexa Puzzle For PC

Block! Hexa Puzzle For PC

Block! Hexa puzzle on pc is a kind of progressive style game. In this game you can progress on each level. After completion of one level you proceed on next level and you explore new and exciting stage. Likewise you jumped to hundreds of stages and levels. The excitement and intensity of game never ends. The game like Block! Hexa puzzle is “Tatris Style “game. In this game you the stages starts from beginner to expert level. You can choose which level you want to play. People who were looking and waiting for Tatris style game; they should try this game immediately. Turn on your pc and install this new energetic and full of exciting game for you, your kids and other family members.

Appearance of game

First appearance or glance helps you to decide which game you have to pick to decrease your life boredom. And this is only the appearances which at once ask you to pick the new game among many of them which are in front of your eyes. When you decide to install Block! Hexa puzzle on your pc, its first glance make you super excited as its appearance is colorful and it effects are mind-blowing. You will enjoy the latest version of block! Hexa puzzle. Fever of Block! Hexa puzzle for pc is not for minutes or hours but it’s endless.

Addictive game

Block! Hexa puzzle on pc is one of the simple and addictive kinds of game. Once you start to play it you never stop your fingers to play it. It is very simple game. You just fix cluster of colorful blocks in frame, which you see in front of your pc screen.

How to play Block! Hexa puzzle?

Block! Hexa puzzle for pc is one of the easiest and simplest games. You don’t have to put an effort; you should not have to use your brain. This is simplest game. You can see a square like box in which you find the frame, you only have to put a blocks in the fame. The blocks are in same color. You have to drag the blocks and fix in the frame. You find many angles in the frame and you have to fix in the correct order. The frame is of different shape and style. In first level you will have to fix only two blocks but gradually the number of blocks changes it goes up many. The best part of the game is the blocks of any stage do not change its place, it means they do not rotate. When you complete the stage you got scores in percentage and the new level began. When you complete the level you rewarded with words like: fantastic, awesome, amazing and great. If you continuously win the stages you got gifts like: hints which is helpful in next level when you need help or hint to proceed to new stage. You even get crown as a gift if you win many stages continuously.

Rainbow on your pc

Colors are life of every one. Each of us is fond of colors. Colorful things and images are pleasing to eyes. The colorful games are attractive, eye catching and human loving. A game with hundreds of color is picked up in minutes. Block! Hexa puzzle on pc is a bundle of colors. It is like a rainbow spread on your pc screen. Once you start your game you experience lots of color. The blocks are of many colors which you have to pick, drag and fit to correct frame. Yellow, green, blue, orange, red, sky blue and many other colorful blocks are waiting for you in the game you are excited to install in your pc. The rainbow of colors is change according to the level. When you progress to next level from beginner to master, you will experience new and different kind of color blocks.

Sounds and graphics

Any kinds of game you play you experience some kinds of sound and graphics. If the game has shrilling and sharp kind of sounds it is irritating and feels no good to your ears. Sounds should be nice, slow and smooth. It should feel good when you turn up your game volume. Block! Hexa puzzle has an ultimate feature that it has very gentle, low, soft and ear relaxing sound. Whenever you turn up your game volume you feel excellent and never thought to turn off the volume like other games. When we talk about the graphics and visual aids use in the game, it is very important and essential in any game. The visual effects and graphics are excellent and eye catching. Beautiful colors, stunning visuals, mind-blowing background you will observe.

No times out!

Whenever you think to install and play a new game. You think and make up your mind to complete your game before times out. In many games time is money, you got points and lives to proceed in game. You will not able to touch or unblock the new level. These time limits are frustrated; you cannot explore new levels and stage. Time limit features in the game waste lot of your time and energy. Block! Hexa puzzle is an extra ordinary game, specially designed and created for those who are tired of these time limits. In block! Hexa puzzle you will enjoy no times out feature. You can easily and calmly accomplish your level and reach to the next one.

Shoot out your age

You may experience many games which are complex and intense. Such games are mostly for adults. Those kinds of games are complex stages and levels. You have to use number of keys on your keyboard to control, fire, jump, shoot and other functions which can only play by a computer experts or adults. Block! Hexa puzzle for pc is one of the amazing game which requires no age limits. Every age group can play this game quite easily. In this game you just select the blocks, drag them up and fix it up in the correct frame, designed for the blocks. A school going kid, college guy, house maker or a retired member of your family can easily play this game. They just have some knowledge of pc. No age limit matter. Everyone can enjoy this pc game.

Level obsession?

If you are quite level obsessive, you should not take any more tension. The game is here on your pc. Many games you install on your pc have some levels or stages and then you have to repeat the game again and again. The marvelous game is here right on your pc block! Hexa puzzle. You will amaze that there are tons of stages and levels in this game. More than 300 levels you will experience in this game. Every stage is stunning and exciting. You will love all the stages and your fingers never stop.

No Wi-Fi! No worries

Are you feeling bore and need some excitement in your life? you want to play game on your pc and unfortunately no Wi-Fi? Don’t worry at all. Here is the solution. Block! Hexa puzzle is a game you can easily play without internet or Wi-Fi. Just once install it in your pc all your worries fly away.

Feel free to install

Spending money is one of the worst experiences. No one likes to spend money on installing games on pc. Even to unblock the stages you have to pay. Now you can install as well as play free game on your pc.  Latest version of Block! Hexa puzzle is here. Install it free and feel free to play without and charges to unblock any level. It is such a wonderful encounter to play such an easy and stunning game without any charges.

Why to install block! Hexa puzzle for pc?

For the entire game seeker, it is exciting and lovely to introduce the best game with latest version i-e Block! hexa puzzle. This game has many exciting features which definitely differ it from the other game. It is easy to play

  • It has many stages
  • Can install in your pc without paying any penny
  • It has stunning graphics and visual effects
  • All age group can play this game easily
  • No Wi-Fi or internet connection required and
  • In this game you don’t want to hurry to clear the stage. It has no time frame.

How to Download block! Hexa puzzle for your PC:


  • Step 1: Download the android emulator software Andy and it is available for free. Click here to download: Download


  • Step 2:Start the installation of Andy by clicking on the installer file you downloaded.


  • Step 3:When the software is ready to be used, start it and complete the sign up procedure and login with Google Play account.


  • Step 4:Start Google play store app and use its search tool to search block! Hexa puzzle download.


  • Step 5:Find block! Hexa puzzle and start the installation.


  • Step 6:Launch the game and you can now play Sky Streaker on pc using a mouse or your keyboard and even your touchscreen, you can use the control button to emulate the pinch function to zoom in and out.


  • Step 7:You can also install remote control app form here for remotely accessing the game: Andy remote control app

Support: we maintain an online real-time Facebook support group if you have any issues with Andy OS installation process, you can use this link to access the group: support


Enjoy Playing block! Hexa puzzle on PC!!!

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