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Antutu Benchmark Android App is one of the most formidable and well-known applications in the android marked used for the purpose of benchmarking. It is not only being used by Android users from all over the world for the purpose of benchmarking but also by large software and hardware companies. The companies make use of this app in order to assess various aspects of a particular device and compare it with others. The interactive interface and fantabulous features offered by this application make it one of the best apps in the android market. The sole aim of this APK is to provide you with a good idea of the performance and quality of the hardware which is used in your mobile phone. This helps you choose among different devices and also helps you in finding the perfect device for you. The application makes use of complicated and complex algorithms in order to evaluate the performance of your device. So do you wish to get an evaluation of your device as well? Then download this APK file right away and make use of the amazing features it has to offer you.

Download Antutu Benchmark Android APK

Antutu Benchmark has over 100 million users

The credibility and performance of this application can be judged from the fact that it is being used by over 100 million people all over the world. This surely shows how good this application has been in evaluating the performance of mobile phone devices. Moreover, just a huge bank of customers using this application also enables you to easily compare your phone’s performance with other people’s phone and get a more accurate measure. Antutu Benchmark Android APK is considered to be one of the most formidable applications in evaluation the hardware performance of mobile phones.

What features does this app offer?

This application tends to offer incredibly amazing features, which inspect every inch of your phone in order to evaluate its performance. Based on this evaluation, the app gives score to various parts of your phone. Let us have a look at how every single part is evaluated.

  1. User Experience – UX : This feature evaluates the overall performance of the phone and gives it a fixed score. This evaluation is done on the basis of the performance of individual components of the phone. So if you get a good UX score, then that means that your phone is pretty good. Moreover, you can also compare this score with other phones on the online database of this application, which will help you to get a deep insight into the standing of your smartphone.
  1. RAM Tests: RAM, also known as Random Access Memory, is extremely essential for a phone. This is the part of the device which stores data temporarily so that it can be directly accessed by the processor in the least amount of time. Antutu Benchmark APK tests the performance of the RAM in order to evaluate its real processing capability. This is done by carrying out a number of tests on the RAM and figuring out how fast it responds.
  1. CPU Tests: CPU is surely the most integral part of a device where all the calculations are done. For a device to function properly, it is extremely important that its CPU works perfectly under all conditions. This application provides you with a measure of the real CPU power. This measure is provided as a score, which you can then compare with other devices.
  1. GPU Tests: GPU is the place in your phone which monitors and manages all the graphics processing, games, 3D effects and video playing. It will evaluate whether all the graphics applications run smoothly on your phone or not. This means that it will check whether any game or video gets stuck while it is being played. A good GPU score will be crucial in order to ensure that the graphics of your phone are working perfectly.
  1. Input/ Output tests: These tests assess the input and output features of your phone. This means that the hardware used for input and output will be assessed in these tests.

So if you are intrigued by the amazing technical features which this app has to offer, then download this APK immediately and start benefiting from its features.

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