Download Angry Birds Android APK

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Angry Birds is one of the most famous games in the world which is played by millions of people every single day. The game has gone through substantial improvements since it was launched and has become one of the most amazing games out there. What can be more amazing than a bird getting angry enough to destroy a stable structure? Filled with unique animations and fantabulous graphics, Angry Birds Android App surely tends to provide you with a memorable and unique experience filled with joy, tension and challenges. The game is based on real laws of physics which add a touch of reality to the game. The amazing colors and colorful theme of this game makes it interesting to play for people of all age groups. Yes, there are loads of complexities waiting in this game for you, which will simply blow your mind and require utmost dedication from you. So are you ready to play this fantastic game featuring some of the angriest birds in the world? Well, then get ready to download the APK file for this game and enjoy the features it brings along with it.

Download Angry Birds Android APK

How Angry Birds game works?

The main aim of this game is to make use of the angry birds in order to bring down a stable structure. You will be launching each bird in projectile motion so it hits the structure. However, it is extremely crucial to select the angle at which you launch the bird since that angle will determine whether the bird is able to hit the structure at the appropriate location or not. In addition to this, you must also choose an appropriate speed at which you launch the bird. The bird’s speed will depend on how much you swipe on the screen while launching it. Remember that only the perfect combination of speed and angle will enable you to make the structure fall down! Moreover, you will also have a limited number of tries, so make use of them wisely.

Special features and power-ups

It is understandable by now that Angry Birds Android APK is a tough game to play. Hence, there are a number of power-ups in this game in order to assist you with every level you play. Let us have a glimpse at these amazing features.

  • Mighty Eagle: Mighty Eagle is a special bird which can be purchased in this APK. This bird is your perfect companion in case you get stuck in a level. You can call the mighty eagle to crush down the structure by hitting it with utmost power and force. However, keep in mind that you cannot use mighty eagle at all times. You can only use it once every hour. So make use of this amazing feature wisely.
  • Laser targeting: You can make use of this feature when you are finding it difficult to aim at a particular target. This option allows you to make use of a laser to target your aim with ease. What can be more awesome than that?
  • King sling: Have you been in one of those situations where you are only left with one turn and you need to bring down the whole structure with a single thrust? Well, then king sling will prove to be extremely beneficial for you. This power-up allows you to hit your target with the maximum force possible.

Hundreds of levels

Angry Birds APK comes with hundreds of levels to provide you with the most amazing experience. Every level comprises of a different structure which you need to hit. Moreover, the difficulty level also tends to increase as you progress along the path of these levels. There are different worlds as well, each comprising of a fixed number of levels. Yes, every single level will surely be an adventure for you and will require utmost effort on your part. The best part is that this game is updated after every few days, after which you are able to get brand new levels which you can play and have fun. So start playing this game right away and compete with your friends by finishing all the levels before they do.

So do not wait and download this APK file right away.

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