pokemon go tips

Tips for Pokemon Go

The world of Pokemon is ever growing and the game itself is changing the face of social gaming. Since the tutorial provided in-game however provides the bare minimum in terms of tips and tricks, many features are not being taken Read More

Develop with Android Emulators

4 Reasons to Develop with Andy- The Best Android Emulator

Android emulators are providing us with new ways to interact with our phones. These softwares act as connectors between the world of PC and mobile. In short, they emulate everything that happens on a mobile device, on a desktop screen. Read More

How to run Android apps on Windows

How to run Android apps on Windows

With over 2 million apps in the Google Play Store, Android users are spoiled for choice. The ecosystem cultivated by Google allows developers to create apps and upload them to the Store without too many restrictions. This has led to Read More

pokemon go for pc

How to play Pokemon Go on PC

Pokémon Go is an augmented reality mobile game by Nintendo developed for iOS and Android devices. Since its release it has become extremely popular among young gamers. Nintendo’s stock value has increased by about $7.5 billion following high demand and Read More