Thank You for downloading Andy OS

AWESOME!!! you’ve just started the download process for Andy OS, once done you’ll finally be able to run all you mobile apps directly from your PC, while it’s downloading you can watch the videos below that will help you to unlock the power of Andy:

How to connect your XBOX/PS controller to PC – Andy – android emulator

How To Play Clash of Clans on PC With Andy


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Andy, Copying Files, Sideload Apps, and Obb data

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Tutorials and Fixes – All in one place

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  • How to fix crashing at boot on Nvidia graphics:

  • How to fix “Andy virtual machine image was not found”:

  • How To Solve Problem Stuck at Connecting Data Stream

  • How to fix ‘RAM leak’ issue and improve performance Nvidia Optimus laptops

  • How to check whether if the games is compatible with Andy?