Playable Ads

Playable Ads are now an integral part of the app advertising eco-system.  They allow users to engage with apps before install, making for a more considered app experience and increased likelihood of app usage.  For advertisers and publishers this translates into higher retention rates and ARPU – driving increased value over the lifetime of that user.

Understanding that user experience translates into brand experience, and that user experience reflects on the advertiser and publisher alike, we’ve taken great pains to deliver the highest resolution and most responsive UX possible.  With the OS running natively in the cloud and sub-50 FPS performance, users will experience your app as if it were installed on their device.


                Ad Creative                                                                                                                                                                   Optimized for game time                                                                       


Increase CPM & CPI

High Value Users

Through a superior, native playable ad experience, users will engage deeply with apps before install, will convert at higher rates and will result in higher value installs across your advertising base.

Superior Technology

Three years of development resulted in a best of breed streaming solution.  The only of its kind, Andy OS runs natively in the cloud (as a container) and is therefore compatible with any mobile app – immediate campaign execution and unlimited scale.  No “mini apps” in a non-native format and no deprecated app experiences.

Optimal Unit Economics

By delivering installs to advertisers with higher retention cohorts and increased ARPU, your Playable Ad CPM and CPI rates will exceed all other mobile formats


Increase Retention & ARPU

Why will our Playable Ads outperform alternative mobile Ad formats and other Playable options?

First and foremost, users will experience your app natively, as you intended, making the best UX and brand impression when a user engages your app for the first time.  Second, we’ll surgically place users into the optimum engagement point within your app, ensuring the highest odds of conversion.  And third, as experts in performance marketing, we’ll work with you to develop and optimize the right creative messaging for your specific campaign objective.

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