• “I am a huge Clash Of Clans fan and have always wanted to play on my 17″ home computer. Since I downloaded Andy I’ve probably been playing Clash of Clans on pc more than my phone. I would definitely recommend Andy to other mobile game players and to my friends in general”

  • “Andy is killer. I use my phone more and more for daily to do’s and note taking and it’s awesome to have anything I do with Evernote on my phone, automatically transfer over to my desktop. Finally someone figured this out”

  • “I’m really into playing games on my phone and didn’t really think Andy would take me from phone playing to desktop, but the phone as a joystick actually works. It’s not buggy and the app is super lightweight.”

  • “I think Andy is my new favorite app.  Now i can download whatsapp on pc and use it in parallel to my whatsapp on mobile”