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Tips for Pokemon Go

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The world of Pokemon is ever growing and the game itself is changing the face of social gaming. Since the tutorial provided in-game however provides the bare minimum in terms of tips and tricks, many features are not being taken advantage of.  We’ve therefore collated the most important tips that you need to know.

Pair Up

Hunting with a friend will allow you to cover more ground. Since Pokemon that appear can be seen by anyone that’s in-game, having a larger base covered means you are more likely to catch them.

  It’s all in the Pokeball

When it comes to throwing the Pokeball to catch a wild Pokemon, you can gain more XP by making a good throw. To do this, tap and hold on the ball. Spin it in a round motion until it sparkles (in whichever direction you choose). Then throw it at the Pokemon. If you capture the creature, you will have received a curveball XP bonus.

Try a nearby parking lot

For some unknown but fascinating reason, parking spots are a favourite of Pokemons. This is especially true if there is a PokeStop nearby.

Turn off AR

Augmented Reality (AR) often makes it harder to catch Pokemons. In addition, you’ll probably also quickly realise that it drains your battery rather quickly. The game works just fine without it, and if you see a Pokemon in a particularly entertaining spot, just flip the switch and turn it back on again.

Save your Stardust

Since there are only three ways to get this (catching pokemon, hatching eggs, and redeeming the daily bonus at the top right corner of the shop) and the quantities are normally very small, our tip for Pokemon Go is to keep hold of the stardust you have. Although it’s tempting to power up on early creatures, try to avoid it.

Battling – faster attacks are better in gym

These kind of attacks build your secondary attacks much faster, and usually are the attacks with the lower damage number.

Use a single lucky egg

Make sure to evolve as many times as possible as quickly as possible using a single lucky egg. Whilst evolving normally gives you 500 points, this method can help you double that.

Speaking of eggs… another Pokemon Go tip

Try hatching eggs whilst on the move. The Pokemon Go app detects that you’re in motion and since you can also do this whilst running – it’s a great way to exercise!

Use Razz Berries

Use these to feed a Pokemon in order to slow it down and make it easier to catch. This means that even if you missed an initial throw, you have a better chance of catching the Pokemon afterwards.

Be aware of your surroundings

As the biggest game that makes use of AR, the feature is groundbreaking and provides hours of entertainment and interaction with an app in a new and exciting way. Take care not to lose yourself in the AR world though – with reports of car accidents and other near misses, always be aware of your surroundings by regularly lifting your eyes from the screen.

Data data data

Despite being free, this game can and will eat your data incredibly quickly. Calculations have shown that the app uses about 10MB per hour but there are things you can do. Firstly, always make sure to switch back to WiFi once at home. Additionally, try to stay near areas that have free WiFi. Your accountant will thank us for this Pokemon Go tip!

Transfer your Pokemon

Transfer extra Pokemon to Professor Willow in exchange for candy. Each pokemon has their own unique candy which can be used for levelling up and evolving. Having spares in this case is a good thing – the more you have, the more you can transfer. And the more candy you get the more likely your pokemon is to evolve.

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