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4 Reasons to Develop with Andy- The Best Android Emulator

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Android emulators are providing us with new ways to interact with our phones. These softwares act as connectors between the world of PC and mobile. In short, they emulate everything that happens on a mobile device, on a desktop screen.

As well as catering to the casual user as a way to enjoy apps and games from android on a bigger screen without having to worry about battery life, these softwares are being used by developers across the world to build and create programmes and applications.

But what is so unique about android emulators? And why should android developers be using them to develop?

Here are our top reasons hy should android developers be using Andy to develop:

Test on Different Operating Systems, Devices and Screen Sizes

Arguably one of the most important parts of a developer’s job is testing, and android emulators provide the perfect environment. By recreating everything from a mobile on a desktop, developers can test their softwares and applications on a variety of devices. If for example a new app was being developed on a Galaxy phone, with an android emulator android developers are not limited to the version or model of the device. It allows for testing across more than one device. This eliminates the need for dozens of phones.When a new operating system is launched for a phone, rather than buying another one or be forced to choose which version to keep testing on (in other words, whether to upgrade to a newer OS or not), using an android emulator gives developers the freedom to test on various operating systems without ever having to upgrade or spend money.  This also applies to screen size; having a template on a large desktop monitor allows developers to work in a clear environment which is unrestricted, unlike the screen on a mobile device. Having this clarity allows for more detailed work and more accurate results.

With Andy you Stay in one Work Space

An immensely helpful feature of android emulators for developers is the fact that they are able to keep their eyes on the screen without jumping from desktop screen to phone. Without it, developers would need to keep swapping between their phones and desktop, making the process time consuming and ultimately more costly.

Additionally, since developers often work on apps for more than one screen or operating system, with an android emulator they can easily compare an app on multiple devices and OS by running multiple emulator windows and see them all side by side. Having the tools to make this comparison allows for a more consistent workflow.

Easier Demonstrations  

When it comes to demonstrating the app or software a developer has been working on, android emulators provide a platform on which to do this. During a meeting for example, to show others in your business or even potential clients the app or software being worked on, simply connect a laptop to a large board room style screen.

Without android emulators, developers would need to arrange a camera to point down on to a phone and there would need to be a person operating the phone during the demonstration.

Test in Real Time

With android emulators developers can test in real time. These softwares offer a quick solution and a way to test code without the need to download any apps to your phone. This way you can test the code in real-time and identify bugs and problems as they arise.

Android emulators provide android developers with a practical and functional tool for developing and engineering new apps and softwares. As well as using them for testing on different screen sizes, operating systems and devices, android developers can easily demonstrate their work to others, making the journey to launch a product, app, or software a lot more smooth and efficient.      

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